Monday, July 13, 2009

Plant Sale, July 18th

Hello Gardeners-

Hope you all had a nice and cool weekend. Thanks to all that came out and worked hard in the blazing sun, it was a great first day in the garden. We ended up with a total of 39 plots plus we have a little room to grow if we need to.

Next item up is the ribbon cutting and plant sale. Some of you had mentioned you had items to donate for this event. Please let me know if you have anything for us to sell and we will pick it up this week. Or if you would like to bring it on Saturday please plan on being there at 8:30 am. The sale is running from 9 to 11.

We will be selling plants, plots, baked goods and anything else we can get our hands on. All proceeds are going to paying for our irrigation system. If you do not have anything to donate or sell we can also use help in manning the booth. If neither if these things sounds appealing to you we would also take your tax deductible donations.

If any of you would like a plot but have not signed up please do so. We have 20 available and I have a feeling they will soon be gone. The available numbers are listed on a previous post.

Thanks for all the support-

Happy Growing!
Sasha Kanno
Director, Wrigley Garden