Thursday, September 2, 2010

Farm Stand Friday- tomorrow

Hello good foodies-

Tomorrow Wrigley Garden Farm Stand will be open from 2-5. If you are interested in volunteering please email or call. I would appreciate the help. I will be there from 9-1 harvesting and prepping. If you would like me to set aside a farm box for you please also let me know. Prices start at $10 and can go up depending on the add ons.

Almost everything I grown is an heirloom variety, everything is grown beyond organic, no spray, no chemicals only love.

Crops in season next week:

Heirloom tomatoes- many varieties
Burgundy and green okra
Salad mix
Herb bundles
Hand tied flower arrangements with homegrown flowers

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds summer seeds are on sale for $2.00 and the fall selection are $2.50