Monday, September 13, 2010

What to do in your garden now.

Well folks that's a wrap on summer. Well, almost anyway. I'm not ripping out my heirloom tomatoes just yet and I do have a second planting of cucumbers that are just starting to flower but its time to think about fall.

Now is the time for you to be planning and prepping your beds for your next round of crops. Whether you grow edibles or ornamental I could guess that all the beds could use a fresh load of mulch. You want to make sure you get this done before the rain's come. I'm being optimistic about the rain. I know it wont happen for a while yet but I do know that it will happen. The weather has been so nice these last few weekends that a little shoveling will hardly make you break a sweat.

If you are in the need for mulch and don't know where to get it. We have some at Wrigley Garden! For a small donation you can fill up your buckets or truck bed. Just give me a shout and we can work something out. Once we get rolling on Farm Lot 59 there will be a much bigger mulching operation but for now we can fulfill those mulching needs at WG.

If you plant bulbs now is the time to make those orders and get ready to put them in the ground. I just leave mine in the ground all year. I cannot wait until my lilies, daffodils, astilbe, and paperwhites come popping up in the spring. Maybe this year I'll try something new. Lilies do so well here, maybe I'll try a new variety.

If you have an edible garden bed now is the time to get excited. Now that Tomato mania is winding now its time to think about asian greens, root crops and lettuces. If you have the time and space you could plant a cover crop it couldn't hurt to buy a little soil testing kit so you know exactly what cover crop would suit you best. Another cheaper method is to collect your yard clippings. I leave a bin outside and all the neighborhood yard guys leave me their grass clipping. These clippings are an excellent source of nitrogen and most likely free.

If you are not into growing food get out and enjoy the farmers market. Squashes and gourds are beginning to arrive. Figs and pears are in season for a short time and soon fresh apples will be back.

So get out there, do some gardening, grow, eat some beautiful produce and support local business and agriculture when ever possible.

Thanks so much-