Monday, November 22, 2010

Thank you!

What a wonderful weekend I had.

Starting on Thursday at The Growing Experience I was invited to come and share with the kids. We made toilet paper roll pots for them to take home, seeded and labeled ready to sprout. It was wonderful being out at the farm with Jimmy and the gang. I loved it. Thanks to Micky for putting it on and to Jimmy for keeping the farm alive.

Friday was a great workday at the Wrigley Garden. Thank you everyone who came to pull weeds, move the mural and get the garden looking good for Saturday.

Saturday was the big tree planting event. Thank you Wrigley is Going Green for writing the grant that enabled us to plant 60 trees in the neighborhood. It looks amazing and I can't wait until they all flower. Thank you Lisa for my beautiful mural, I love it. And thanks to Erica for designing my logo that will live on forever.

Sunday was Patchwork. Beautiful handmade crafts and cupcakes from Shortnin Bread followed by our Harvest Dinner at the Infinite. Thank you Tonya and Aliye for inviting me to participate with you in this event. It was beautiful to be part of on the planning side as well as the eating side. The food was amazing, it restored my faith in Long Beach as a place where people make food. I was starting to wonder.

Thanks for all the support with our work. We are working for a better Long Beach through food, farming and everything in between. We appreciate all of you for what you are doing to be part of the progress.

Lots of love and appreciation to you all.