Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thank you Factory!!

What a weekend.

Saturday at The Factory/Dragster Expo was awesome. I met so many great Long Beach Locals. It was a perfect opportunity to spread the word about Farm Lot 59 and to promote our Sunday Farmers Market. We raised around $300 bucks thanks to Natalie and all her friends.

Sunday at the Farmers Market I was there selling my hand tied arrangements and promoting the farm. I think people are starting to make the connection with local agriculture and local products. Please keep spreading the word about those very important topics and helping us keep our dollars local.

This Sunday is a pie contest at the market, contact Kelli if you are interested or visit the website http://www.longbeachsundaymarket.com/ for all the updates.

Saturday the 24th we are having a workday at Wrigley Garden from 9:30-1. Our gardeners are being asked to be there at 9 for a quick meeting then its off to do chores followed by a potluck. Should be a great day in the garden. Hope to see you then.

Please view our Kickstarter campaign and spread the word!
Kickstarter: http://kck.st/aP1hWS

Happy Growing!
Sasha Kanno
Executive Director, Long Beach Local