Monday, July 19, 2010

Workday this Saturday the 24th

Hello Gardeners-

Thank you for all your support with Kickstarter and Farm Lot 59. We are currently just about $2,500 shy of our original goal of $10,000. If we go over its even better but we must at least raise the 10grand to get funded.

This weeks happenings.

Saturday the 24th we are having a work day at Wrigley Garden. 1950 & 1060 Henderson Ave near PCH and Magnolia. We will be moving the chicken coop and pulling some weeds. This event is a potluck. Please see email below for details.

And then Sunday we are back at the Sunday Farmers Market at Longfellow Elm. This market is growing and the summer produce is here. Please come and support local business, agriculture and meet some kick ass people.

Ok then- Thanks so much, off to the farm!!

Workday email:

Hello gardeners-

The date is set for the party and work day. I will see you all on July 24th at 9am. Please bring a food item to share, your own plate and utensil and wear your work clothes. We will have a quick meeting while we enjoy some coffee then move on to our chore list. The more people in the garden the better please invite your friends and family to come and enjoy the garden and help us with our maintenance. Moving forward this will be a quarterly event.

Meeting agenda:
30 minutes
Required household membership to Long Beach Local- $25 per household
Garden manager position and requirements,
If your dues are up please come ready to renew- I'll let you know beforehand
Garden relocation update
Urban Farm update
Go over rules and responsibility of gardeners- too many weeds in the garden!
Pick date for Harvest Party in the garden- October?
Greenhouse info and how to use it
Farm Stand, its built now let's use it!

Chore list:
Spread mulch
Move the chicken coop and yard
Build shelves for inside shed
Pull Weeds
Build the rest of the tree boxes
Thanks so much. Let me know if there is anything else you would like to discuss or any questions you might have. See you on the 24th if not sooner!

Please view our Kickstarter campaign and spread the word!

Happy Growing!
Sasha Kanno
Executive Director, Long Beach Local