Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Farm Stand Friday is BACK!!

Hello gardeners-

My family vacation was wonderful. Thanks to everyone who watched my dogs, chickens and gardens. Its a lot of work and I appreciate the many hands it takes to keep it all alive.

Farm Stand will be open this Friday from 2-6. I hope this will now be a regular thing. It all depends on the produce and the helpers. All proceeds go back to the garden to help pay the bills. We will also be starting seeds next week if anyone wants to help with that. I'm ready to get that next crop in the greenhouse. Oh yeah!

Shout out to all my chicken nerd friends. If you have feed bags can you please save them for me? When you open the bags try and not butcher them so I can reuse them. Bags need to be dry and as clean as possible. Nothing icky please.

Other than that I am working to get Farm Lot 59 up and running. Still working out the insurance, permits etc. I am shooting for September 1st as a start date. I'll keep you posted.

Kickstarter ends in 17 days so please, please pledge and spread the word. We will reach our goal of $10,000 but the more money the better we will be. There are so many things we need. Seeders, irrigation and hopefully a mini tractor. :)

See you Friday at the Farm Stand at Wrigley Garden from 2-6. If you want me to pack a box for you please let me know. Farm boxes are $25 and include our fresh eggs as well as whatever else is in season.