Monday, August 23, 2010

Wrapping up Kickstarter and other exciting things...

Hello Long Beach Local-

I hope you are staying cool and keeping those plants watered, its finally the Southern California summer we are accustomed to and man it is hot. I think the tomatoes are ripening before our very eyes.

Few things coming up that I wanted to share with you.

Farm Stand Fridays at Wrigley Garden, Farm Stand is open. Please stop by for a $10 farm box or you can also purchase veggies individually. Please check the website for details. The purpose of the Farm Stand is to provide not only Long Beach residents but residents immediately surrounding Wrigley Garden with fresh fruits and vegetables. If you would like to participate or sponsor a family please let me know. You can also preorder your box by emailing me and I will reserve one for you.

This Saturday, August 28th will wrap up our fundraising efforts at Kickstarter. If you have not yet pledged to Farm Lot 59 you have 5 days left. As of right now we have raised $10,432 toward the start up of the farm. If you have not viewed Kickstarter or our video please check it out here We are doing some amazing things and your financial support is needed. Thank you to everyone who has already pledged, I can't wait to get this farm growing!

Also on Saturday the 28th from 10:00am - 12:00pm is the recognition ceremony for the Peace Garden. Located at Martin Luther King, Jr. Park, 1133 Rhea St. Long Beach, CA. If you are interested in starting a community garden or doing a type of neighborhood garden project this is the perfect opportunity to come and meet the experts. I'm proud that Wrigley Garden and Long Beach Local is part of the supporting team for this garden.

Lastly please mark your calendars for November 20th for a street tree planting at Wrigley Garden, 1950 Henderson Ave, 90806. Our friends, Wrigley is Going Green, wrote and was awarded the Neighborhood Partners Program (NPP) grant and will be planting 60 street trees. Our goal for this tree planting is to leave something beautiful behind after our garden has moved on. We are also planning on having a BBQ/ pot luck this day. Please get in touch if you are interested in volunteering for this event or would like to help organize the BBQ. More information will become available as the date gets closer.

Thank you for being supportive in everything we are doing. It is much appreciated.

Please view our Kickstarter campaign and spread the word. Only 5 more days!!

Happy Growing!
Sasha Kanno
Executive Director, Long Beach Local