Wednesday, September 8, 2010

There is a young man who needs our help.

Hello gardeners and friends-

This is totally off topic from gardening and the usual stuff I post about but its worth mentioning. Over the last month or so I have noticed a young black man parked outside our house. He just sits in his car in the evening and uses his little notebook computer. I have called the police a number of times asking him to move on but he always comes back. So either he knows someone who lives on the block or something. He must have his paperwork in order because he has not had his car towed or repossessed.

Last night I asked my husband to go out there and speak with him. Turns out his name is Alan and he is homeless. Young black male in his 20's. He did not get all the details as to why he is living in his car but it really made us sad.

When The Husband walked up to his car he was stealing the internet from a neighbor but he had job application sites open for Walmart. I'm not sure if we will see Alan again or if he has moved on for good but if there is anything you folks can suggest for him please let me know.

I know of Operation Hope at the UBOC on Atlantic but they might just let you use the computers for free. I'm not sure if they do job placement or training. If you know of any programs or job seeking strategy please let me know.

Thank you-