Friday, March 4, 2011

Today in the garden...

Thank you to my wonderful gardeners for moving the chicken coop. I was out of town and they were totally successful in moving the ladies. I know those girls can be a handful but am so thankful the coop got rotated. They loved it under the eucalyptus tree but time to work on another grub filled section of the garden. Go chicken go!

Today in the garden we will be doing a little bit of cleaning up. The rains have been wonderful but left things a little messy. The weeds are popping up everywhere but so are the carrots and peas. Nice to have a snack along the way.

Don't forget to enjoy those winter crops. Beets, broccoli, romanesco and all the greens are coming in strong. But its already time to get ready for spring. Time to get those tomatoes, corn and beans started. Hope you all made those seed orders. If not let me know we still have Baker Creek Seeds for sale.

Hope everyone is enjoying these first signs of spring. At our house the daffodils and freesia are blooming and its just beautiful.

Happy growing!
Sasha Kanno